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Ashwood Memorial Hospital

Ashwood Memorial Hospital was established by Australian Churches of Christ missionaries in 1927 and is operated by the Medical Trust of Churches of Christ in Western India.

The patients the hospital serves live below the poverty line, many are HIV positive and face discrimination. None are turned away. The hospital specialises in maternity care and support programs for people living with HIV Aids. In looking to the future, in light of the needs of the communities surrounding Daund, Ashwood anticipates growing in the need for cataract surgery and maternal and child health care. GMP Extend will partner with the Ashwood Medical Trust to provide these vital health care services which specifically relieve suffering, disability and sickness.

The hospital extends primary health care initiatives to poor rural communities surrounding Daund, in Maharashtra state. 

The hospital’s maternity section is well known in the district. They are committed to providing the best of care regardless of the patient’s capacity to pay. The hospital is managed and staffed by local people who share a common vision of caring for and supporting any people who seek medical care.

The hospital also conducts outreach programmes in diabetes and reproductive health in poor rural communities, as well as a comprehensive and awarded HIV support programme.  These programs focus on personal well-being and open up pathways for people to connect with the hospital and receive the care they need.

2019-2022 Ashwood Hospital – Support for the ongoing development and operation of the Hospital, consistent with the focus of patient care – people living in poverty.

2019-2021 - Renovation and reequipping of the main surgical theatre and rebuilding of the delivery wards, including the installation of upgraded equipment and outpatient facilities.

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