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Last Days Outreach Community Project, Kenya

For the last 10 years ‘Last Days Outreach’ has been working in Kenyan villages that are very, very poor. In 1963 the politics of Kenyan history had a big impact and the Kikuyus and the Luos, two large ethnic groups became enemies. In Kenya there are 42 native tribes each with different lingoes! The Kikuyus, who assumed power, denied the Luo Community access to clean water, good roads, education and general services and development.  This also included denying the community HIV and Aids awareness teaching and many NGOs were prevented from coming to these areas with the result that many Luo people died.

The Last Days Outreach Community Program has been working in Luo communities and has completed several hand-dug wells, assisted young women and young widows to start small scale businesses, set up barber shops for people living with disability, and supported students into to high school, colleges and universities.

A new Community Children and Multi-Purpose Centre is being completed. Giving to this project will support education programs, supply books and resources including the teacher’s salaries. Other aspects will include a feeding programme and capacity building training to support income generating activities such as dressmaking, tailoring, farming and poultry.

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